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Undergraduate Advisors

The Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences has 4 faculty and 2 staff assigned to the central advising office.  They include:


Freshman and transfer students work directly with the faculty and staff in the advising office.  After their freshman year, students are assigned to a faculty member in the department who serves as their advisor until they graduate. Whenever possible, students are assigned to faculty advisors who share similar interests.  The central advising office continues to serve as a back-up for students who need immediate assistance and the assigned advisor is not available.

L. Bergamasco S.P. Greiner P.B. Siegel
M. Cline H. Jiang E.J. Smith
R. Dalloul S.E. Johnson N.M. Tamim
B. J. Dorshorst J.W. Knight E. A. Wong
D.M. Denbow K. Lee C. M. Wood
E.A. Dunnington J.S. McCann  
A. Ealy M. A. McCann  
S.W. El-Kadi M.E. Persia  
D.E. Eversole P.J. Pratt  
D.E. Gerrard M. Rhoads  
E.R. Gilbert R. Rhoads  


Shannon Winters
Room 3400
Litton Reaves Hall
(540) 231-6936

Dr. Jennifer Bradley
Room 3410
Litton Reaves Hall
(540) 231-6936