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Beef Cattle Extension: Resources

  • 2011 Tri-State Cow Calf Conference
    • Cattle Handling Pointers
    • Methods of Determining Age of Cattle
      • Aging Cattle Pictures
    • Consideration in Genetic Selection and What about DNA?
    • Manage the Calving Season & Reproduction to Increase Marketing Options
    • Forages in Beef Production Systems
    • Managing Feed Needs while Controlling Costs
    • Marketing Opportunities
      • Marketing Virginia Quality Assured Feeder Cattle
      • Replacement Heifer Production and Marketing Programs
      • Marketing Opportunities for Feeder Cattle in the Tri-State Area
    • Beef Cattle Outlook and Industry Changes
    • Comments on the July 1 Semi-annual Cattle Inventory Summary


  • 2010 Tri-State Stocker Conference
    • Managing the Health of Stocker Calves
    • Managing Pastures for the Stocker Operation
    • Consideration in Buying Stocker Calves
    • Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Stocker Operations
    • Beef Cattle Outlook and Industry Change


  • 2009 Tri-State Cow/Calf Conference
    • Lessons Learned from 27 years of Retained Ownership - Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity
    • Beef Cattle Outlook and Industry Changes
    • Managing Genetic Defects and Enhancing End Product
    • Cow/Calf Producer Panel
    • Utilization of By-Product Feed in Beef Cattle Diets
    • Decisions, Decisions, What do I do with my calf crop? 
    • What to Expect from a Custom Feedlot when Retaining Ownership


  • 2008 Tri-State Stocker Conference
    • Managing Health on Newly Purchased Calves and What to Do In a Health Wreck
    • Stocker-Feedlot Dynamics: How is it Changing?
    • Stocker Operator Panel
    • Beef Cattle Outlook
    • Use of Supplemental Feeds in a Forage Based Stocker Program
    • Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Stocker Operations