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Bill Beal

Beef Cattle Reproductive Physiology

Ph.D., Physiology, 1979, Cornell

M.S., Animal Science, 1976, Wyoming

B.S. (with honors), Animal Husbandry, 1974 Michigan State

APSC 1454 Intro. Animal & Poultry Science

APSC 1464 Intro. Animal & Poultry Science Laboratory

My official appointment does not include an extension responsibility. However, I author a column entitled “Reproductive Tracks” in the Angus Journal, a national publication, and I am routinely invited to speak at meetings of state, regional or national livestock or veterinary organizations.

The goal of my research has been to investigate methods for controlling estrus and ovulation in order to facilitate the use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer in beef cattle.

  1. Utt M., G. Johnson and W. Beal. 2009. The evaluation of corpus luteum blood flow using color-flow Doppler ultrasound for early pregnancy diagnosis in bovine embryo recipients. Theriogenology. 71:707-715.
  2. Beal W., M. Utt and T. Wiseman. 2007. The use of estrus synchronization, resynchronization, and ultrasound to facilitate two timed artificial inseminations without heat detection in beef cattle. J. Anim. Sci. 86:(Suppl 1) 160.
  3. Beal B. 2006. Capturing the Enthusiasm: Teaching First-semester Freshmen. In :Teaching Excellence At a Research-centered University. Ed. E.S. Geller and P.K. Lehman. Volume and Pages: pp. 15-20. Pearson Custom Publishing. Boston, MA
  4. Purcell S., W. Beal and K. Gray. 2005. Effect of a CIDR insert and flunixin meglumine administered at the time of embryo transfer on pregnancy rate and resynchronization of estrus in beef cattle. Theriogenology. 64:867-878.
    Bill Beal

  • (540) 231-3010 (Fax)
  • (540) 231-4752 (Lab)