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Rami A. Dalloul

Associate Professor

Poultry Immunology

  • President, VT Facuty Senate (2015-16)

Ph.D. - Poultry Immunology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

M.S. - Poultry Science/Microbiology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Diploma of Agriculture Engineer, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

B.S. - Agriculture/Animal Science emphasis, American University of Beirut, Lebanon


Recent Honors/Awards:

2012 Scholar of the Week (February 27), Office of the Vice President for Research at Virginia Tech in recognition of research on poultry immunology and health.

2011 Hy-Line International Research Award.  Given to a Poultry Science Association (PSA) member who published outstanding research in poultry science in the preceding calendar year.

2010 Early Achievement Award in Research. Awarded by the Poultry Science Association (PSA) in recognition of demonstrated excellence in poultry research of PSA members in the early stages of their careers.

2010 Outstanding Alumnus Early Career Award. Presented by the Alumni Chapter of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (U. of Maryland) recognizing an alumnus making significant contributions to their field of endeavor. 

2009 Bayer-Snoeyenbos New Investigator Award. Presented by the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) in recognition of meritorious research contributions to the field of poultry medicine.

Dr. Dalloul’s research goals are directed toward better characterizing the host-pathogen interactions in the context of host immunity and resistance to pathogens, with emphasis on poultry gastrointestinal immunity and overall health. Also of particular interest is the stimulation of avian mucosal immunity and investigating the underlying mechanisms of local immune responses to dietary and environmental stimuli. Other aspects tackle such issues as early modulation of immune function and the use of antibiotic alternatives.

A major project involves deeper sequencing and characterization of the turkey genome, a USDA (NIFA) funded project. Next Generation Sequencing technologies are employed for targeted sequencing of chromosomes along with transcriptome analysis. This is a collaborative project with the University of Minnesota, University of Maryland and other institutions.

Research in the Avian Immunobiology Laboratory involves technologies like real-time PCR, flow cytometry, molecular biology, and RNA-seq that help dissect the molecular and cellular processes associated with avian immunity and gene function. Dr. Dalloul’s research program employs both basic and applied methodologies, thus exposing students to the most fundamental as well as the whole-animal approach of research.


Research models employed include:

- Coccidiosis as an enteric challenge to assess various methods of disease mitigation

- Necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens (naturally-occurring NE model as in field settings)

Cochlosoma anatis in turkey poults (disease & mitigation methods)

Salmonella sp. and Ecoli challenge models in chickens and turkeys (production & food safety)

- In ovo applications for post-hatch developmental and immunological studies (poultry sp.)

- Cellular (primary & cell lines) and molecular immunological investigations in avian species

- Development of avian immunological reagents, tools, and assays

APSC 2104  Poultry Laboratory

APSC 4004  Issues in Animal Science (Senior Seminar)

APSC 6984  Advanced Avian Immunology

PubMed (for a detailed list)

Recent Pubs:

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  5. Pender CM, Kim S, Potter TD, Ritzi MM, Young M, Dalloul RA. In ovo supplementation of probiotics and its effects on performance and immune-related gene expression in broiler chicks. Poultry Science. In press, doi: 10.3382/ps/pew381. 2017.
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Myeongseon (Sunny) Park, PhD

Mallory White, MS

Duneia McManus, PREP Scholar

Dr. Islam Omara - Visiting Scientist (Cairo U., Egypt)

Dr. Shuabo Yang - Visiting Scholar (Jilin Agricultural U., China)

Paige Harmond, Undergraduate Researcher

Nisana Siman-Tov, Undergraduate Researcher

Sydney Smith, B2B Scholar & Undergraduate Researcher

Former Members (current positions)

Dr. Lindsay Sumners, MS & Lab Manager (R&D, Spectrum Brands)

Dr. Chasity Cox-Pender, MS & PhD (Technical Manager, BIOMIN America Inc.)

Dr. Jon Salevsky, MS (DVM, U. Pennsylvania)

Dr. Sungwon Kim, PhD & Postdoc (Research Fellow, Roslin Institute)

Dr. Laura Faris, Honors BS (DVM, Ohio State U.)

Dr. Jesus Alvelo-Maurosa, PREP Scholar (postdoc, MIT)

Treasure White, MAOP Intern (Cytogenetic FISH Technologist, LabCorp)

Melodie Weintraut, MS (Broiler Tech, Tyson)

Tiffany Potter, MS & Lab Manager (R&D, Spectrum Brands)

Miranda Ritzi, MS (DVM, VA-MD CVM)

Chris Ott, MS (Technical Operations, Merck)

Shaimaa Hamad, MS (Teaching Assistant, Cairo University)

Student Recruitment

If you are a highly motivated student and interested in avian immunology and poultry health, send a cover letter and resume to

    Rami Dalloul

  • (540) 231-0633
  • (540) 231-3010 (Fax)
  • (540) 231-0671 (Lab)
  • 3170 Litton-Reaves Hall
    Animal & Poultry Sciences
    Blacksburg, VA 24061-0306