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Ben Dorshorst

Postdoc, Uppsala University, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Sweden - 2010 to 2012


Ph.D., Functional Genomics, North Carolina State University - 2009


B.S., Dairy Science & Poultry Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison - 2005

Research in the Dorshorst lab focuses on genetic mechanisms underlying basic developmental processes affecting morphological variation, pigmentation and patterning in avian and mammalian domestic agricultural animal species. This work often focuses on single gene traits representing a mutation that was under positive selection during animal domestication or breed creation. Recent studies are documenting a large role for structural genomic variation (deletions, duplications, rearrangements) of the genome in causing these types of single gene traits with large phenotypic effects. The degree of involvement of structural genomic variation on economically important polygenic traits like milk or meat production is an area of active research interest.


Technologies used in the Dorshorst lab include a mix of standard molecular biology techniques such as qPCR for gene expression and genomic copy number analysis, DNA sequencing by conventional capillary based and “next-gen” massively parallel methods and high density SNP genotyping for linkage and association based genetic mapping. Research projects in the Dorshorst lab typically entail an equal mix of hands on animal, bench molecular biology and bioinformatics type work.

See PubMed for the most up to date list.


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Dorshorst, B., A.-M. Molin, C.-J. Rubin, A. M. Johansson, L. Strömstedt, M.-H. Pham, C.-F. Chen, F. Hallböök, C. Ashwell, and L. Andersson. 2011a. A complex genomic rearrangement involving the endothelin 3 locus causes dermal hyperpigmentation in the chicken. PLoS Genet 7:e1002412.


Dorshorst, B., P. B. Siegel, and C. M. Ashwell. 2011b. Genomic regions associated with antibody response to sheep red blood cells in the chicken. Anim Genet 42:300–308.


Dorshorst, B., R. Okimoto, and C. Ashwell. 2010. Genomic regions associated with dermal hyperpigmentation, polydactyly and other morphological traits in the Silkie chicken. Journal of Heredity 101:339–350.


Dorshorst, B., and C. M. Ashwell. 2009. Genetic mapping of the sex-linked barring gene in the chicken. Poultry Science 88:1811–1817.

    Ben Dorshorst