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Mark A McCann


Ruminant Nutrition

Ph.D., Animal Science, 1986, Texas Tech University

M.S., Animal Science, 1983, North Carolina State University

B.S., Animal Science, 1980, North Carolina State University

  • APSC 2004 Animal Science Seminar

Extension program focus is on improving beef cattle productivity and profitability through advances in nutritional management. Emphasis is on improving forage utilization and strategic supplementation of forages. An additional interest is focusing on using web based technology as a component in educational programming. Current use includes web based monthly meetings (Beef Forums) with extension agents with plans to expand to web based educational programs targeted at cattlemen.

Research interests include forage, nutritional and management options for cattlemen and the impact on the sustainability and profitability of beef cattle production.

(Most recent publications, last 5 years)

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  2. Stewart, R. L., G. Scaglia, O.A. Abaye, W.S. Swecker, Jr., G.E. Rottinghaus, H.T. Boland, M.A. McCann, and J. P. Fontenot. 2008. Estimation of Forage Intake by Steers Grazing Three Fescue Types and Determination of Alkaloids in Ruminal Fluid and Forage. Prof Anim. Sci. 24:578.
  3. Franz, N.K. and M.A. McCann. 2007. Reporting Program Impacts: Slaying the Dragon of Resistance. J. Extension (, 45:(6).
  4. Bouton, J.H., D.R. Woodfield, C.S. Hoveland, M.A. McCann, and J.R. Caradus. 2005. Enhanced survival and animal performance from ecotype derived white clover cultivars. Crop Sci. 45:1596.
  5. Byers, H.L., M.L. Cabrera, M.K. Matthews, D.H. Franklin, J.G. Andrae, D.E. Radcliffe, M.A. McCann, H.A. Kuykendall, C. S. Hoveland, and V.H. Calvert. 2005. Phosphorous, sediment, and E. coli loads in unfenced streams of the Georgia Piedmont, USA. J. Environ. Qual. 34:2293.
  6. Watson, R.H., M. A. McCann, J.A. Parish, C.S. Hoveland, F.N. Thompson, and J.H. Bouton. 2004. Productivity of cow-calf pairs grazing tall fescue pastures infected with either the wild-type endophyte or a non-ergot alkaloid-producing endophyte strain, AR542. J. Anim. Sci. 82:3388.
    Mark McCann

  • (540) 231-9153
  • Animal Poultry Sciences
    302 Litton Reaves Hall
    Blacksburg, VA 24061
    United States