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Alan Ealy
3430 Litton Reaves Hall

Postdoctoral Fellow, Reproductive Biology, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1994-1998

Ph.D., Animal Science, University of Florida, 1994

M.S.,  Animal Science, Michigan State University, 1990

B.S., Dairy Production, Pennsylvania State University, 1987

Dr. Ealy’s laboratory conducts research in reproductive physiology. His group is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular events controlling embryo and placental development and describing how these events dictate ultimate pregnancy outcome and neonatal health.  This work targets cattle and sheep but also has relevance to human pregnancy. Major topics in Dr. Ealy’s laboratory include:

1. Embryo-uterine interactions that control events of early pregnancy;

2. Regulation of interferon-tau expression in ruminants;

3. Placental cell development and differentiation; 

4. Impact of reproductive technologies on the developmental origin of health and disease.

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