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David E. Gerrard

3480 Litton Reaves Hall

Ph.D., Muscle Biology, 1992, Purdue University

M.S., Animal Sciences, 1985, Purdue University

B.S., Animal Sciences, 1983, Purdue University


• Outstanding Research Award, AMSA 2007

• University Faculty Scholar, Purdue University, 2002-2007

• ESCOP/ACOP Leadership Development Fellow, 2002-2003

• Achievement Award, AMSA (awarded to scientists in the first 10 years of their career for outstanding achievement in meat science/muscle biology), 2000

The overall goal of Dr. Gerrard’s laboratory is to maximize the production of high quality meat. Three distinct yet related approaches have been utilized to attain this goal. Ongoing studies range from understanding the basic biochemistry involved in the transformation of muscle into meat, to applied studies involving technology transfer for monitoring fresh meat quality. In addition, Dr. Gerrard’s research includes fundamental studies focused on understanding muscle growth and development, which directly affects ultimate meat quality. This multidisciplinary approach to meat science spans several domestic and international laboratories.