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Scott Greiner

Scott Greiner
366 Litton Reaves Hall

Ph.D., Animal Science (Meat Science), 1997, Iowa State University

M.S., Animal Science, 1992. Michigan State University

B.S., Animal Science, 1989, Iowa State University


• Extension Award, Gamma Sigma Delta, 2008

• Achievement Award, National Association of County Agricultural Agents, 2004

• Outstanding Service Award, Alpha Gamma Rho, 2003

Teaching activities support both undergraduate and graduate training by providing invited lectures and lab instruction for several courses in Animal Science as well as the College of Veterinary Medicine.

As Extension Beef and Sheep Specialist, Dr. Greiner’s mission is to provide leadership in livestock improvement and performance evaluation that will enhance the efficiency and profitability of beef cattle and sheep production. This objective is accomplished by providing research-based education and outreach on the science and application of beef and sheep production to livestock producers, Extension agents, and allied industry professionals.  Specific responsibilities include 1) design and deliver educational programs and materials related to beef and sheep genetics and associated production and marketing issues, including animal identification; 2) provide leadership for statewide programs in beef cattle and sheep; and 3) develop and maintain strong working relationships with the beef and sheep industries and allied organizations.

Primary Extension Programs

  • Animal Identification
  • Retained Ownership Program
  • Beef Cattle Source and Age Verification
  • Virginia Beef Quality Assurance Program
  • Virginia Quality Assured Feeder Cattle
  • Cow-Calf Management Course
  • Beef Producer University
  • Virginia Bull Evaluation Program
  • Sheep Basics Workshop
  • Virginia Ram Evaluation Program
  • Shepherd’s Symposium

Professional and Industry Service

  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Beef Production Research Committee
  • U.S. Beef Breeds Council Ultrasound Guidelines Council
  • Virginia Department of Agriculture Animal Identification Working Group
  • Virginia Cattlemen’s Association Educational Advisor
  • Virginia Sheep Producers Association Educational Advisor
  • Virginia Sheep Industry Board Educational Advisor
  • Superintendent, National Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest

Dr. Greiner’s research efforts are designed to compliment his extension programs, as well as train graduate students interested in careers in Extension or industry.

Evaluation of Hair Breeds of Sheep in Low-input, Forage-based Systems- Initial phase of project evaluated and characterized the Dorper and Katahdin breeds for growth, maternal traits, parasite resistance, carcass merit, and product quality.  Additional studies underway to further evaluate the Katahdin breed for genetics of parasite resistance, development of ram evaluation protocols for carcass merit, and identification of interactions between genetics, management, and the environment.

Ultrasound Measurements of Body Composition as a Selection Tool for Beef and Sheep- Results have described the relationship between live animal ultrasound estimates and carcass measures in sheep, and development of adjustment factors for ultrasound measurements which are currently utilized by industry.  A project is underway to establish carcass EPDs utilizing ultrasound measures in Suffolk sheep.

Implementation Strategies for Electronic Identification Systems - Project initiated to compare the efficacy and cost of various RFID technologies when applied in a commercial livestock market environment, and investigate the impact of collecting individual animal RFID data on animal handling facilities, animal handling logistics, and infrastructure.

Value-added Forage-based Growing Beef Cattle Systems- Project compares animal performance and development costs for backgrounding and replacement heifer programs based on endophyte infected tall fescue vs. novel endophyte fescue pastures with and without inter-seeded legumes.  Project will also investigate artificial insemination systems for replacement heifers, and evaluate economics and management considerations for steer backgrounding strategies.

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