Kiho Lee

PhD - Reproductive Physiology, 2010, Purdue University
MS - Reproductive Physiology, 2005, Purdue University
BS - Animal Science and Technology, 2003, Seoul National University

Dr. Lee’s Lab currently focuses on early embryonic development in pigs. Understanding mechanisms underlying the dynamic changes that occur during embryonic development can lead us to develop more efficient ways to generate pig embryos thus increasing overall productivity. Pigs have great value in agriculture and also in biomedicine as pigs share a similar physiology to humans. Major topics in the laboratory are:

1. Identifying the mechanism of epigenetic reprogramming by oocytes after fertilization;

2. Developing an efficient approach to produce genetically engineered pig models for agriculture and biomedical research;

3. Developing new methods of generating in vitro-derived embryos with higher developmental competency.

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