We are excited to share with you the details of this year's Virginia Tech's Southwest Ag Research and Extension Center Ram Test. We had a highly successful inaugural year in 2012, which continues each year, with strong participation from breeders around the region. This program is unique and created with much discussion and interest across the industry. Through the forage-based ram performance test, designed specifically to quantify growth and parasite resistance in rams. 

The 2019 Virginia Tech Southwest AREC Ram Test program is set to begin on Tuesday, May 28 with delivery. We will be accepting nominations for the 2019 Southwest Virginia AREC Ram Test program next spring. Please see the information below. The 2019 SW AREC Ram Test Sale and Field Day are set for Friday, September 20.

The program purpose is:

  1. To provide a standardized post-weaning performance evaluation of growth and parasite resistance that will furnish records which will be useful to the consignor's breeding program.
  2. To serve as an educational tool for the sheep industry.

2019 SWAREC Ram Test Sale Videos

For more information, please contact Lee Wright - (276) 944-2200 or Dr. Scott Greiner - (540) 231-9159

2019 SWAREC Ram Test Dates

2019 Dates
Nomination Deadline May 1
Ram Delivery Tuesday, May 28
Acclimation Period (3 weeks)                     May 29 - June 18
Start Test June 18
14-day Interim Date July 2
28-day Interim Date July 16
42-day Interim Date July 30
56-day Interim Date August 13
Off-Test (70 days) August 27
Sale & Field Day  Friday, September 20