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Recent Alumni

Hannah Decker, Citizen Science: Training pet dogs to detect the Spotted Lanternfly.  Advisor: Erica Feuerbacher

Nicolas Busse, Effects of calcium beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation on gluteus medius muscle fiber composition, kinematics, and electromyographic activity in adult Thoroughbreds during isolated high-speed treadmill exercise bouts.  Advisor: Sally Johnson

Mary Harrod, Serial measurements of circulating glucose and luteinizing hormone concentrations in lactating dairy cattle.  Advisor: Michelle Rhoads

Mallory Anderson, Chicken or fish? Do environmental complexity and stocking density impact affective states of broiler chickens and rainbow trout?  Advisor: Leonie Jacobs

Bailey Halter, Effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on appetite regulation in  broiler chicks and Japanese quail.  Advisor: Elizabeth Gilbert 

Alicia Areneson, Evaluating the impact of heat stress and altered glycemic state on plasma ɣ-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) in lactating Holstein cows.  Advisor: Michelle Rhoads

Albaraa Sarsour, Effects of amino acid supplementation on poultry performance and strategies to ameliorate the effect of heat stress.  Advisor: Mike Persia 

Mallory White, In ovo and feed application of probiotics or synbiotics and response of broiler chicks to post-hatch necrotic enteritis.  Advisor: Rami Dalloul

Ty Davis, Strategies to improve reproductive efficiency in cattle with dietary intervention.  Advisor: Robin White 

Chang Cao, Hypothalamic mechanisms of appetite regulation involve stress response and epigenetic modification.  Advisor: Mark Cline

Claire Gleason, Improving the understanding of factors driving rumen fermentation.  Advisor: Robin White 

Taylor Langford, Effects of fescue cultivar on performance of beef cows grazed on summer stockpiled tall fescue pastures.  Advisor: Bain Wilson

Olivia Claire, Effect of time of supplementation on performance and grazing behavior of grazing steers.  Advisor: Bain Wilson

Tanner Price, Approaches for developing and implementing precision feeding programs to maximize feed efficiency.  Advisor: Robin White 

Kacie Seymour, Examining the influence of muscle fiber type on protein turnover signaling in growing pigs.  Advisor: Samer El-Kadi 

Zachary Seekford, Interleukin-6 supplementation improves post-transfer embryonic and early fetal development of in vitro produced bovine embryos.  Advisor: Alan Ealy

Michelle Kott, Effects of mid-gestational L-citrulline supplementation to twin-bearing ewes on umbilical blood flow, placental development, and lamb production traits.  Advisor: Alan Ealy

Bailey Walker, Transcriptional profiles of cumulus-oocyte complexes related to developmental competence in bovine oocytes.  Advisor: Fernando Biase 

Lindsey Isernia, Impact of training method on behavioral, physiological, and relationship measures in horses.  Advisor: Erica Feuerbacher

Douglas Liebe, Using data analytics in agriculture to make better management decisions.  Advisor: Robin White 

Haipeng Yu, The design and modeling of high-throughput phenotyping data in genomic prediction.  Advisor: Gota Morota

Lydia Wooldridge, Supplementing bovine embryo culture media to improve the production and quality of in vitro produced bovine embryos.  Advisor: Alan Ealy

Yang Xiao, Molecular and cellular mechanisms of energy homeostasis in birds.  Advisor: Elizabeth Gilbert 

Claire Timlin, Strategies for improving reproductive efficiency of beef cattle with assisted reproductive technologies.  Advisor: Vitor Mercadante 

Nima Khodambashi Emami, Managing poultry gut integrity, immunity and microbial balance during necrotic enteritis challenge.  Advisor: Rami Dalloul

Kyung-Jun Uh, Maintaining proper levels of DNA methylation marks through the TET family is critical for normal embryo development in pigs.  Advisor: Kiho Lee

Jing Zhu, The modulation of autoimmune disease progression in mouse models.  Advisor: Caroline Leeth 

Kellie Kroscher, Nutritional strategies to improve pig growth.  Advisor: Robert Rhoads, Jr.

Charles Zumbaugh, Nutritional strategies for growing cattle in the Southeastern United States.  Advisor: Bain Wilson

Morgan Zumbaugh, Signaling pathways regulating skeletal muscle metabolism.  Advisor: David Gerrard