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New and Noteworthy

Congratulations to Junghyun Ryu on the successful defense of his dissertation, The direct injection of CRISPR/Cas9 system into porcine zygotes for genetically modified pig production. Dr. Ryu joined Dr. Kiho Lee's laboratory in Spring 2015 upon completion of his MS at Dankook University (Korea).  Junghyun has accepted a postdoctoral position at the Oregon Health Science Primate facility where he will continue his research in epigenetics and transgenesis.  Pictured with Junghyun are members of his graduate advisorty committe, Drs. Alan Ealy, Kiho Lee, Ryu, Rhoads and Eyestone.  Great job Dr. Ryu!


Congratulations to Con-Ning Yen and Morgan Daughtry for their exemplary presentations at the Third Annual Muscle Group at VT/FBRI Symposium!  Ms. Daughtry was awarded second place in the oral presentation category for her talk, O-GlcNAc Transferase Mediates Skeletal Muscle Insulin Sensitivity through Interleukin 15, and Ms. Yen was awarded third place for her presentation, Beta-adrenergic directed mitochondrial substrate utilization in AMPKγ3 mutated pigs.  Both students are PHD candidates studying with Dr. David Gerrard.  Pictured to the left are Ms. Yen, Dr. Gerrard and Ms. Daughtry.