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APSC Capstone Experience

Capstone Proposals:  

  • Students must have completed 75 credits prior to beginning their capstone experience.

  • Proposals are due according to the deadlines on the proposal form.

  • Completed capstone proposals are uploaded by the student to the Capstone Submission Canvas site. (

  • Instructions for completing the Capstone Proposals are on the Canvas site.  

  • The capstone proposal form is also available on the Canvas site.

  • If you are not on the Canvas site, please email to be added.

If you have any questions, please email We are here for you! 

APSC Capstone Experience

The APSC Capstone Experience is an experiential learning experience that students tailor to their specific  interests and career goals. Upon completion of 75 credits students are eligible to pursue a capstone experience and will need to submit a proposal for committee review and approval. The capstone proposal and guideline forms can be found here.
Check out what current and past APSC students have done for their capstone.