The Academic Quadrathlon is a competition open to all students with interest and expertise in Animal and Poultry Science (APSC) and/or Dairy Science (DASC).  It is a fun way to use your knowledge, learn something new, and even review for your classes. It is comprised of four phases:

consists of short answer, problem solving and discussion questions. Questions are similar to those found in Intro to Animal Science and the production classes. Team members work together, typically splitting up the questions and reviewing one another’s answers.  Calculators are allowed but it is closed book.

begins with the team selecting a topic from a list of several choices of current issues in the Animal Industries.  They are given one hour to prepare their presentation and may use any printed resources they wish to bring.  Overheads and markers are provided for creating visuals if desired.  Presentations should be 10 - 12 minutes in length using the format of your choice (skit, lecture, persuasive argument, etc.) and allowing an additional 3 minutes for questions from the judges.

portion involves two teams at a time going head-to-head with members activating electronic buzzers when they know the answer to questions read by a moderator. It is done tournament style and is fast paced and tests your knowledge

includes exercises that would typically be found in laboratory sections of APSC and DASC classes.  Groups rotate between stops in both classrooms and animal units where teams complete hands on tasks and identify real life equipment.

Subject matter regarding all farm animal species may include:

  • Nutrition
  • Behavior
  • Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • Products and Product Utilization
  • Health
  • Physiology (General, Growth and Reproductive)
  • Statistics
  • Feed and/or equipment ID
  • General Management

The local competition consists of two divisions:

Freshman Division:  All team members must be first-year college students.

Open Division: Teams consist of any year college student in either APSC or DASC. The winner in this division represents VT at the regional competition.

Each team must consist of four members.

To sign up for Quadrathlon (Usually in November) sign up across from 3060 Litton Reaves with team name, team members, and division.

All four phases of competition involve team effort and teams consist of four members.  

For more information contact Cindy Wood.