Department of 

Animal and Poultry Sciences

The Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences strives to improve the performance, efficiency, and profitability of animal production while enhancing food safety, environmental quality, and animal well-being. Our department offers relevant programs in biotechnology, muscle biology, genetics, nutrition, and physiology that will enhance the production of domestic animals and provide rewarding careers for our graduates.  Graduates find a wide range of employment in science, agribusiness, animal production, and public service industries as well as receive pre-professional preparation for graduate school and veterinary medicine.            

The department maintains livestock herds and flocks for research and teaching purposes. The animals are maintained at six centers on-campus and at Kentland Farm, located 15 minutes  minutes from the university.  Considerable research is also carried out at the MiddleburgShenandoah ValleySouthwest Virginia, and Tidewater agriculture research and extension centers. 


Fair Virginia Tech Airport, VA: Fair. 80.0 F (26.8 C) 7:55 pm EDT