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2022 'Leading Ladies in Hokie Nation' Online Charolais Sale

1st Annual 'Leading Ladies in Hokie Nation' Online Sale

Thursday, October 6, 2022  •  8:00 PM EDT
Blacksburg, VA
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  Lot Information

Lot 1  

VPI Cameo Lady 821F
DOB:  9/2/2018


  • Selling the right to flush, either IVF or conventional
  • A powerful way to begin an impressive ‘Leading Ladies’ sale offering by selling six embryos out of a top-valued, breed-leading female that is the NUMBER 2 Marbling cow among ALL active Charolais dams.
  • This LT Blue Value 7903 daughter is out of a VPI Free Lunch 708T female which sells as LOT 2.
  • Her dam, 631D, is a full sister to VPI Cameo Girl 006X that has been a valuable foundation female for the JMAR Genetics program.
  • TERMS OF FLUSH:  Selling a flush with a guarantee of six embryos out of the ultra-elite NUMBER 2 Marbling cow in the breed, sired by the bull of the buyer’s choice if implanted by a certified embryologist.  Seller will cover all flush expenses and Buyer will supply the semen and the purchase of recipients, if any.
  • Homozygous polled

LOT 2  

VPI Cameo Girl 631D
DOB: 9/26/2016



  • Due to calve on January 29, 2023 to LT Blue Value 7903.
  • Here is a golden opportunity to expand your genetic base by investing in a Free Lunch daughter that is a full sister to the dam of JMAR Benaiah, the leading herd sire at Eggleston Charolais, JMAR Genetics, and ABS Global.
  • Elite genomic EPD rankings for MARB, TSI, WW, YW, CW, and SC make this power female a great candidate for mating to sires that excel in growth and end-product genetics.
  • Her attractive daughter (LOT 7) sells.
  • Homozygous polled
  LOT 3
VPI Cameo Girl 726E
DOB: 9/17/2017




  • Due to calve on August 31, 2022 to LT Blue Value 7903.
  • Here is a very productive female with a phenomenal TSI ranking of 266 (elite 4%) that can be a leading donor in any purebred program.
  • 726E has an elegant look and is sired by LOF/VPI Abraham 48A, a Tiara son that has produced many breed-leading females and sires for Lone Oak Farm and Virginia Tech.
  • This female is a maternal sister to both Lot 2 and VPI Cameo Girl 006X who have produced many outstanding offspring that have impacted the Charolais breed.
  • Her genomic EPD profile reveals an elite ranking of 1% for MARB, MILK, and MTL; the upper 6% for WW and YW; and the top 7 % for CW among ALL Charolais dams.
  • She has an impressive average progeny WWR of 3@114, YWR 2@112, UREA 2@102, and UIMF  2@101.
  • Heterozygous polled


VPI Tiara 622D
DOB:  8/23/2016


  • Due to calve on September 22, 2022 to the leading herd sire, VPI The Graduate 917G, at MBS Charolais, Bowling Green, MO.
  •  Stemming from the legendary Tiara cow family, 622D brings a total package for a proven matron.
  • The Tiara females have certainly been maternal matriarchs in the Virginia Tech herd.
  • This low birth weight, calving-ease daughter of M6/RC Fresh Air 1138 posts an average progeny BWR of 4@100, WWR of 4@102, and YWR of 3@101.
  • Genomic percentile ranks place this power female in the top 15% for MARB, MILK, and SC in addition to her elite 3% ranking for CE and BW.
  • Homozygous polled.


VPI Cadet 902G
DOB:  1/17/2019


  • Due to calve on February 18, 2023 to the leading herd sire, VPI The Graduate 917G, at MBS Charolais, Bowling Green, MO.
  • Here is a three-year-old maternal power by WR Foreman D602 and out of a Free Lunch female.
  •  902G records a progeny WWR 1@115 and a YWR 1@108 while posting a TSI index of 269 (elite 3%).
  • She is a phenotypic standout with nine different traits in the upper 20% among ALL Charolais dams.
  • Homozygous polled.


VPI Miss Falls 620D
DOB:  8/23/2016


  • Due to calve on January 29, 2023 to WCR Icon 756.
  • 620D is a direct daughter of WCR Sir Duke 7340 and out of an attractive LT Reward 2348 female.
  • She descends from a very productive Miss Falls cow family and posts an average progeny BW ratio of 4@97.
  • This consistent producer is a prime example of the 7340 daughters that have an abundance of rib shape and picture-perfect udders.
  • Her DNA report card reveals a genomic ranking of 8%, 9%, and 15% for MARB, SC, and BW, respectively.
  • Homozygous polled.


VPI Cameo Girl 920G
DOB:  9/3/2019


  • Due to calve on September 22, 2022 to the leading herd sire, VPI The Graduate 917G, at MBS Charolais, Bowling Green, MO.
  • She descends from the LOT 2 cow in this sale offering and offers an unbeatable phenotype and pedigree.
  • This cow family has the ‘power look’ as evidenced by her WC Inferno 6561 daughter that is selling as LOT 9.
  • 920G scanned with an individual UIMF ratio of 130 and proudly sports a genomic percentile rank of 3% for MARB and 4% CW.
  • Homozygous polled.


VPI Cameo Girl 130J
DOB:  10/7/2021


  • Sells open.
  • 130J is the outlier in this sale offering and has a fantastic phenotype.
  • A championship pedigree is just a bonus with this senior heifer calf.
  • She is sired by WC Inferno 6561 and out of the extraordinary Abraham daughter which sells as LOT 3.
  • On the traits that matter, 130J ranks in the elite 5% or higher on every one of these seven:  WW, YW, MILK, MTL, CW, MARB, and TSI.
  • With her great disposition, maternal look, and GE-EPD profile, she posts an individual BW and WW ratio of 98 and 116, respectively.
  • Heterozygous polled.


VPI Cameo Girl 121J
DOB:  9/1/2021



  • Sells open.
  • Here is another opportunity to invest in a Cameo Girl sired by WC Inferno 561 and whose dam (LOT 7) and maternal granddam (LOT 2) sell in this inaugural offering of ‘Leading Ladies in Hokie Nation’ online sale.
  • The bottom side of this pedigree is noted for sound feet, moderate frame, stoutness, and easy fleshing, all of which are great descriptors of this female.
  • Her GE-EPD tabulation ranks her MARB and CW traits in the elite 3% and 4%, respectively, among non-parent Charolais females.
  • Homozygous polled.

LOT 10

VPI Miss Fine Judy 129J
DOB:  10/7/2021


  • Sells open.
  • The Fine Judy cow family has been a cornerstone tribe for the Virginia Tech breeding program and traces back to the highly successful establishment at Shadow Springs Farm in Havre de Grace, MD.
  • 129J is a direct daughter of WC Milestone 5223 and out of a highly productive BJR Hank 984 female.
  • Her dam has a tremendous growth spread from birth to yearling and has a phenomenal 1% ranking for TSI (278).
  • 129J’s EPD rankings among non-parent females reveal nine different traits in the top 25% of the breed.
  • Homozygous polled.

LOT 11

VPI Miss Fine Judy 116J
DOB:  8/26/2021


  • Sells open.
  • An EC Forefront 8066 direct daughter stemming from the same productive cow family as LOT 10.
  • Here is your chance to own a versatile breeding piece with an ideal type and plenty of muscle expression.
  • The dam of this yearling female has been one of the most fertile and proven matrons that blends femininity and maternal functionality into a welcoming package.
  • Homozygous polled.