Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Virginia Cooperative Extension bring the resources of Virginia’s land-grant universities to the people of the Commonwealth and beyond through Virginia Agricultural Experiment Stations. The Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension (MARE) Center is one of 11 centers located in Virginia. 

The MARE Center has a number of projects, programs, and regular events to connect equine land managers and horse owners with the latest science-based information promoting equine and environmental wellbeing.

Doing Right by Your Horse, Your Land, and Your Pocketbook

A lecture series on the latest in equine nutrition and pasture research from Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland. 

Dates: March 6-8, 2018

3rd Annual Spotlight on Stewardship: Equine Land Management Symposium

New management tools for prospective buyers and sellers of equine real estate.

Date: June 30, 2017

Healthy Land for Healthy Horses: A Short Course on Pasture and Manure Management

A new six-week course will cover the basics of conservation on horse farms.

Dates: April 24 to June 5, 2017

Faculty Email Position/Areas of Interest Location
Sandy Arnold
Youth Equine Extension Associate 4-H Horse Program On-site Faculty
Sally Johnson
Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of Agriculture Stem Cell Biology Off-site Faculty
David Gerrard
Professor Chair, Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences Off-site Faculty
Staff Email Location
Rita Rollison
Administrative and Office Specialist III On-site Staff
Tait Golightly
Farm Manager, Supervisor On-site Staff
Shannon Wilber
Agricultural Technician II
On-site Staff
Ph.D. Students Email Area of Interest
Kristine Ely Equine Nutrition
Shayan Ghajar Grassland Ecology and Equine Nutrition
Katelyn Kaufman Equine Nutrition