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Virginia Ram Test Program

The Ram Lamb Test is held at the Virginia Sheep Evaluation Center on the Virginia Tech Shenandoah Valley Research and Extension Center in Steeles Tavern, VA. This program is sponsored by the Virginia Sheep Producers Association and the VSPA Seedstock Council. The Virginia Ram Test is among the oldest, most continuously operated ram evaluation programs in the U.S., with the program existing at the current location since the mid-1970s.

The 2022 Virginia Ram Test Sale is set for Saturday, August 27th. 


The program purpose is:

  1. To provide a standard, impartial postweaning performance test that will furnish records which will be useful to the consignor's breeding program;
  2. To provide a source of and market for performance tested rams;
  3. To serve as an educational tool for the sheep industry.

2022 Virginia Ram Lamb Performance Test Dates

2022 Dates
Nomination Deadline April 5
Ram Delivery Monday, May 2
Start Test May 16 & 17
21-day Interim Weight                                                June 7
35-day Interim Weight June 21
49-day Interim Weight July 5
Off-test (63 days) July 18 & 19
Sale & Field Day Saturday, August 27

The Virginia Performance Ram Lamb Test Sale will host a Ewe Lamb Sale, immediately following the ram sale. Please see the 2022 Ewe Sale Rules for more information and consignment details. Consignments are open to members in good standing with the Virginia Sheep Producers Association and the Virginia Sheep Seedstock Council.