Virginia’s strong beef industry includes more than 650,000 beef cows raised on more than 26,000 farms across all regions of the commonwealth. The state’s abundant forage resources and topography are ideally suited for beef production. Virginia is primarily a cow-calf state, with most calves sold as feeder cattle and transported to the Eastern Corn Belt or Midwest to be fed. The strong cow-calf sector is supported by a progressive seedstock industry. The stocker cattle industry is also significant in the state, taking advantage of the state’s pasture resources.  

Dr. Scott Greiner

Genetics/Bull Test Stations
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Dr. Bain Wilson

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Dr. John Currin

Extension Veterinarian, VMRCVM
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Extension Program Associate
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Program Support Technician
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Virginia Tech's Beef Cattle Extension programs help serve the beef cattle industry address the segments of the beef industry. The primary focus of these programs is to enhance the profitability and sustainability of beef cattle production systems through enhanced production efficiency and value-added ventures.